• The Boss!

    Santa Cruz Megatower
  • Rule the Mountain!

    Rocky Mountain Instinct BC Alloy
  • Get Rowdy!

    Specialized SJ EVO
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We've lived and breathed cycling for over 40 years, in that time everything has changed about the sport, but we've stayed true to our motto of knowledge, selection and service. What does that mean to our customers?


Knowledge: Our staff know their stuff, we've made it a priority for them to learn everything they can so they can answer any questions about the products we sell, and if they don't know something, they'll find out.


Selection: The amount of stuff in the cycling world, from bikes to accessories to parts, is a lot, like, really, massively, insanely a lot! It's impossible for one shop to have it all, but me make it our goal to have a great selection of top quality products in every category our costumes are looking for. We've spent 40 years learning what suits our local riders and it's evident in the brands we choose to sell. 


Service: At the end of the day it's the service that really counts, whether its on the sales floor or in the service shop. If we've provided our customers with the best service then we've done our job! Its what we live and die by and it's guaranteed!


We're working on getting more info on the bikes we sell up on our site. In the mean time our customers can message us on Facebook or even better give us a call, we always love talking bikes!

Lethbridge: 1-403-329-6099

Blairmore:  1-403-753-5052

                       A child of the 90s, but don't call them a millennial. They've been building no BS bikes for over 25 years, so you won't find any excuses from Santa Cruz!


A Canadian icon for over 30 years! Rocky Mountain Bikes was born on the north shores of Vancouver British Columbia, the mecca of mountain biking, and still design and test their bikes there to this day!        

Since 1974 Specialized has pushed and redefined the cycling industry, a leader in technology and innovation, Specialized keeps moving the bar and making bikes better!

Like David Hasselhoff, they're big in Germany, Cube bikes builds solid well spec'd e-bikes at a great value.


Pedego is all about fun, and with a great selection of quality e-bikes for all levels, they have fun for everyone.