Value is about quality not price!

We believe that the real value of a bike is in its quality, not just in construction, but in the quality of the ride. Kids deserve just as good a quality ride as anyone else, in fact maybe even more so. Our selection of kids bikes from Specialized are real bikes built to be durable, light weight and most of all fun to ride. We want kids out riding bikes not because we sell bikes, but because we love cycling and want kids to love it too!

Come check out our huge selection of kids bikes, ranging in size from the 12" Hotwalk with real tires and tubes for the littlest rippers, to the Riprock with mid-fat tires and disk brakes for real trail riders. And with over 20 models and colours in stock we know we have the right, quality bike, for your kids!   



Kids Bike Accessories

Everything they need...

We carry a selection of great kids accessories to make sure they have all the right gear to keep them safe and comfortable on the ride. Helmets, gloves, jerseys, hydration packs and more, all in styles kids will love. Check out Specialized Kids and see all the great gear they have to offer.