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Service Shop

Our full service shop is here to provide the skiing, boarding and cycling community the services they need to keep their equipment in the best possible. condition. We strive to offer a variety of services in house so there is little to no lag time from when the equipment is dropped off.  Call or come in today.

Bike Service Rates

Bike service price is based on condition of bike and desired outcome of service. All prices are for labour only; parts extra. Base price applies to minimum service required and applies only to labour. Additional charges will be applied as required. Our technicians take the time to inspect each bike and give a quote based on the condition of the bike. Service is only completed after customer has provided the go a head to continue.  

Tune ups  
Base price includes: Adjustment to gears and brakes, minor wheel true, check drive train condition, check tires/ tubes/ set air pressure, check/ set correct torque values, and basic clean. $49.95
Additional charges for:  
Major wheel true/ wheel: correct all aspects of wheel alignment. $25
Hydraulic brake bleed/ brake: Bleed brake system on all major brands. $20
Drive train clean: Remove and clean all drive train components. $25
Bearing service: Re-pack/ replace bearings as needed.  $25
Flat Repairs per Wheel:  
Simple flat: Wheel only no removal/ re-installation required. $5
Standard flat: Wheels on bike, removal/ re-installation required $8
Complex flat: Where additional parts removal is required to facilitate repair.  $12
Tubeless conversion: Converting existing wheels to tubeless system, additional charges for all parts required. $12
Additional cycle services:  
Wheel build/ wheel: hand build complete wheel $49.95
Suspension service: Call for in house services. TBD

 *Prices subject to change without notice

Winter Service Rates

Service is based on a first come first serve basis, out of town customers may call in to make arrangements. Please allow for 24-48hrs for most service. Repairs require additional time for completion.  Please call our service shop for current service turnaround. 

Tune ups   Tune Extras  
Skis/Board Tune  $49.95  Extra p-Tex $5
Ski/Board Tune  (> 130cm)  $34.95  Metal Tex/ spot $5
Ski/Board Sharpen/Wax  $34.95  Base Weld/ spot $10
Skis XC tune  $24.95 Waxing  
Ski Base/ Stone Grind  $19.95 Auto ski hot wax $14.95
Mounting   Hand Board/ski hot wax $19.95
Ski System Mount $24.95  Repairs  
Ski Flat Mount $44.95 Delam per section $39.95
Ski Hand Mount $74.95 Edge/ Sidewall per section $39.95
Ski Re-Mount $46.95 Base section $29.95
XC Ski mount $24.95    
Ski/ Board Bnd Adjust $9.95    
Board Mount/ Adjust $24.95    

 *Prices subject to change without notice

 *Prices subject to change without notice