Body Geometry Fit

One of the most neglected aspects of cycling is a properly fitting bike and we're not just talking about seat height and saddle position. BG Fit is a true professional bike fitting process that ensures your bike, whether new or old, mountain or road, fits you the way it should.

What is BG Fit?

BG Fit (Body Geometry Fit Integration Technology) is a comprehensive fit philosophy created by Specialized to help cyclists ride faster, longer and in greater comfort while reducing the chance of injury.
Our Specialized trained BG Fit technicians analyze each rider's unique attributes, pedal stroke and body position. Using the data gained during the assessment they optimize the bike and equipment to match the rider's bio-mechanical profile.

Key Elements of BG Fit

  • Pre-Fit Interview > The pre-fit interview is intended to be a quick scan to sharpen the focus of the flexibility assessment. By asking structured questions relating to injury history of specific body parts or joints, the fitter can anticipate problems with flexibility that will affect the rider's saddle position, handlebar drop and stance width.
  • 20-point Flexibility Assessment > This evaluation gains an accurate picture of the rider's flexibility and other physical attributes, including foot structure assessment, knee position, spinal curve, shoulder extension, hip flexion and leg length, among others. 
  • Side View Fit > The goal is to fit the bike so the rider is comfortable with their hands in the hoods, tops, and drops so they can gain the advantage of each riding position, to do this all three must be comfortable and usable. Finding a good "neutral" position for the rider allows them to adapt to changes in terrain, cadence and effort.
  • Front View Fit > Focused on the finer points of a rider's alignment, pedal stoke and bio-mechanics, this step makes specific adjustments to position in order to optimize performance and comfort. These adjustments are made to align the rider squarely on the saddle so that they can achieve balanced power delivery from the whole body. 

Alpenlands Cycle Fitting Service

  • Bike Sizing > Before we talk about anything else we take the time to size you correctly using accurate measurements and riding preferences. This is a free service we provide to guarantee we have you on the right bike.

    Dynamic 2D Bike Fit 

    • Dynamic Saddle height adjustment 
    • Dynamic saddle fore/ aft adjustment
    • Dynamic handlebar height adjustment
    • Cleat adjustment 

    Advanced 3D Fit  > Includes all aspects of 2D fit plus:

    • Advanced flexibility assessment
    • Advanced structural assessment
    • Footbed fitting
    • Hip/ knee/ foot alignment
    • Other adjustment as needed

Get the Alpenland Fit Advantage

Call or come in, to make an appointment with one of our three trained fit professionals. We'll take the time to explain the process and help make your experience on a bike even better.  

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