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We are passionate skiers and it shows in the brands and models we select. We know these mountains because we've been skiing them our whole lives, so our customers know that what we sell is what we ski and that says a lot, because it's our grantee to them that a purchase from Alpenland is the right purchase! 

Call, message or stop by and speak to our ski experts today!

Lethbridge: 1-403-329-6099

Blairmore:  1-403-753-5052


Humble beginnings from a basement office in California, to a leader in the free skiing world! 


Since 1945 Blizzard Skis has been designing and building skis; pushing the boundaries and making skis that are faster, lighter and more fun.

With athlete driven design Head has been producing some of the best skis on the mountain. 

All about fun! K2 builds skis that make skiing more fun and more accessible, because if it ani't fun it ain't worth doin!


 A youngster in the world of skis, LINE skis rider driven design philosophy has consistently made some of the most fun skis on the market for every level of skier.


High performance skis from a legendary company.


Award winning and building consistently great riding skis, Rossignol never fails to deliver the goods every season. 



 A player in the ski industry since 1947, Salomon has help shape skiing into the sport it is today and continues to push the industry forward. 

German engineering at it's finest, some of the fastest lightest skis on the market.



We've tailored our selection of boots to suit the needs of every level of skier. With multiple brands and models we're sure to have a boot  that's the right fit for you!

Boot Fitting

It doesn't matter how much money is spent on any other piece of equipment the reality is if the boots don't fit right they won't work right.  With over 30 years of combined experience our boot fitting experts have the skills needed to analyze customers feet and choose the right boots for the experience they are seeking. We can even go further if needed and modify and customize the boots for the ultimate in performance and comfort.

We do it all, heat molding, custom shell modification and boot parts replacement. Regardless of where the boots were bought, we're here to serve and make sure customers are getting the most out of their skiing and boarding experience.

Don't expect a quick fit...

It takes time to analyze, select, try on, test, try on, test and finally get the right fitting boot, so while we strive to make it an easy process in most cases it isn't a quick one. Our trained and experienced fitters will guide you through the process and make sure that when you leave it's with the right boot that fits as well as possible.  Trust our fitting experts and we’ll guarantee fit on any boot we sell.








More ways to save with Alpenland.

  • JR TRADE IN PROGRAM. Our Jr trade in program is a great way to get kids into the sport, with all new jr equipment purchased we offer an up to 50% purchase price trade in value towards new equipment the following season.
  • PREVIOUS SEASON GEAR. Sometimes we can get you the equipment you want out of a selection of previous years models so if you're not the type that needs the latest and greatest it can be an easy way to save.
  • USED EQUIPMENT. Our used department can have the equipment you need if you're just starting out and looking to save. Selection can be limited so if you're looking to score a good deal don't delay come down today!
  • LAYAWAY/ FINACEIT. With a 20% deposit customers can layaway equipment for up to three months. or by applying with Finance IT, qualifying customers can get the gear now and enjoy it rather than wait. See in stores for details.

More Winter Essentials

  • We've got the poles you need from the brands you want LINE, LEKI, K2
  • Get you gear there safe and easy with ski, boot, boards bags and luggage form DAKINE, ARC'TERYX, BURTON and LINE
  • Are you hands on? We've got a great selection of tools and accessories to keep your gear in top shape all season.