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Freestyle Snowboards

K2 Afterblack
The Twin that Quickly Became The Team Favorite In The Park and the Streets From back lips to back flips, the K2 Afterblack is a premium freestyle snowboard that specializes in night missions, wall rides, and huge airs, and promises to come through in the clutch to give you the confidence to give it one more go. This freestyle twin features a mid-flex and our Combination Camber Profile—cambered in between the bindings with just the right amount of rocker outside the inserts to give it a playful feeling while still being able to hold speed and track on the big jump line. Its all-wood BAP Core blends three species of sustainably harvested wood—bamboo, aspen, and paulownia—to deliver snappy pop and rebound while damping vibration on drop-ins and long in-runs. Tip-to-tail triaxially woven fiberglass harmoniously integrates with Carbon DarkWeb stringers extending from the binding inserts to both the toe and heel side edges, giving the Afterblack stability and edge control for popping off lips and sending big side hits. To top it off, the fast and durable Sintered 4000 base soaks up wax to ensure you'll have enough speed to send you well past the knuckle and down to the sweet spot in the landing. At the end of the day, we all want a board we can run through the wringer without worrying about it falling to pieces, and the K2 Afterblack is a burly freestyle snowboard that has the tech you need to land your trick when the camera is rolling and the consequence is high. - Twin - Combo Camber - Sintered 4000 Base - BAP Core - Triaxial Glass - Carbon Darkweb - 6/10 Flex
K2 Bottle Rocket
Built on a mid-wide outline with a long sidecut radius, the Bottle Rocket is a team favorite for street missions, park laps, and those slushy summer days on the glacier. A predictable Twin Rocker Baseline makes spinning and pressing a breeze, while carbon additions give the Bottle Rocket the perfect amount of snap. - Twin Rocker Baseline - BAP Core - ICG 20 Triax Glass with Carbon - Ollie Bar - Carbon Torque Forks - Sintered 4000 Base - 2x4 Inserts
K2 Vandal
A No-Brainer for The Younger Rider Focused on Progression Just because this board is shorter than the big guy's doesn't mean we have to skimp on the tech. With its time-tested Twin Rocker Profile and durable Aspen core, the Vandal is forgiving, playful, and finely tuned for progression. A long-time favorite of the groms, this board is the perfect companion to accompany the little guy on his journey to the next level. For groms in search of an all-mountain freestyle snowboard to match their progressing skillset, the timeless tech and modern shape of the K2 Vandal snowboard focuses on the features that matter to make snowboarding more fun, and progression more achievable than ever. The K2 Vandal's Twin Rocker Profile is flat in between the feet and rockered outside the bindings to make turning and spinning easier than ever, and the board rides exactly the same whether riding left or right foot forward for dialing in switch riding or just figuring out whether your grom is goofy or regular-footed. Its Aspen Core is easy flexing and durable, and is wrapped in biaxially woven fiberglass for stability at higher speeds and amazing edge grip on all snow types. The Extruded 2000 base is fast, tough, low-maintenance, and easily repairable, giving you and your grom the confidence and peace of mind to send it on all terrain. For sketch-free turning, buttering, and ground tricks, we give the K2 Vandal a Catch-Free tune, eliminating the hooky feel often experienced on other grom snowboards. With the durability to hold up to daily riding and tech that simply makes snowboarding more fun, the all-mountain K2 Vandal youth snowboard is a long-time grom favorite and the perfect deck to accompany them on their journey to the next level. - Performs best in combination but not exclusively with K2 Vandal binding and boot. - Twin - Rocker - Catch Free Tune - Extruded 2000 Base - Aspen snowboard Core - Biaxial Glass - 3/10 Flex
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