Specialized Remora Aero Storage

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Our Remora Aero Storage provides ample room to house various forms of nutrition and CO2 flat repair—all with an aerodynamic advantage. If you have one of our Alias bikes, you'll find that it bolts onto the top tube for a seamless integration. The Remora, however, also comes equipped with universal strap mounts, making it compatible with other models, as well.
  • Securely carries nutrition on the bike—energy gels, bars, and chews.
  • Easily holds four gels or one bar and two gels.
  • Mounts on the top tube for quick and easy access.
  • Drag-reducing design fits in the low-pressure zone directly behind the stem.
  • Bolts onto top tube of Alias and other bikes with similar mounts.
  • Includes universal strap mounts for fastening to other bike models.