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Get educated, it could save your life!

Education, equipment, experience, the necessities for safe back country use! 



The best piece of equipment you'll ever take into the back country is your brain, having the right set of skills could save your life and the lives of the people you are with, that's why we want you to get the knowledge before you venture out.

Here are a few resources for getting the right education on avalanche safety.





Proper safety equipment is essential when it comes to the back country, even if you don't think it could happen you need to be prepared if it does. Shovels, probes, first aid and most important beacons, all these things are vital.   

Get the right equipment from...




Having the education and the equipment is only one part, you need to know how to use the gear and apply the skills.

Take the time to know your equipment, learn everything you can about it so you have the right experience if the time comes when you need it.

Get out on some beginner tours before you take on the more advanced stuff, resort based adventures can get you the experience you need in a safer more controlled environment before taking it to the next level.

And finally hook up with other more experienced back country enthusiasts that can show you the ropes and give you good advice and pass on their knowledge.


Stay Cycle Ready!

Keep up your fitness with indoor trainers from Alpenland!

We all know how hard it is to get into shape and how easy it is to get out, so maintain your hard earned fitness with cycle trainers and all the accessories to go with them. Our staff have the knowledge and hands on experience you need to make the right choice, and our in stock selection from CycleOps has something for every level of rider and with access to all the major brands including Kinetic, Tacx, Minoura and more, we can get you the trainer you need to stay fit all season long.

Stop in and see our indoor cycle trainers and accessories.


Backed by a lifetime warranty and a history of building the best indoor trainers Cycleops is sure to have the right trainer and training accessory for every rider.

"At CycleOps, we realize at the heart of every cyclist is a better cyclist. Not better as defined by speed necessarily, rather by progress, improvement, the setting of goals and reaching them, and by having fun along the way. We are all striving to become better athletes and happier cyclists, and our goal is to help you."

                                                                                                                    - from cycleops.com

Mag Plus// Reg $315 our price $249

Shift your thinking.

With five levels of resistance and a convenient bar mounted resistance adjuster the Cycleops Mag+ offers a great indoor trainer for riders that just want something so they can stay fit all year round, because ridding inside is better than no ridding at all.




Fluid 2// Reg $500 our price $399

For riders that want more the Fluid 2 is the go to trainer. Offering advanced design features that allow for a real road feel and ultra quiet function plus with the Fluid 2 system you simply shift gears to increase resistance, just like on a real ride.   




We stock everything you need to make the most out of your indoor training experience.

  • Tires: Available in all sizes, these training specific tires are made to be durable and quiet.
  • Climbing blocks: Take it to the next level and increase the resistance by elevating the front wheel.
  • Bike Thong: Bike what?! To protect your frame from the corrosive nature of sweat a bike thong is a must, plus it has a handy holder for remotes or cell phones.


Check out all the great products Cycleops has to offer, and if you see anything you want or would like more information on come in and speak to our knowledgeable staff.