Service & Repair | Skis / Snowboards

Winter Tuning & Repair services now available! No appointment needed. 

Tune-ups, hot waxes, base repair and more

Welcome to Alpenland's Winter Service Shop! During the local winter season, we are fully equipped to provide your service and repair needs for skis, snowboards, cross-country and more. We also offer a variety of specialized services that include snowshoe repair, cross-country service and waxing, custom boot fits, boot punching and repairs, and more.

Our most popular services include:

  • Ski/Snowboard Full Tune: $49.95
  • Ski/Snowboard Sharpen & Wax: $34.95
  • Ski Auto Hot Wax: $14.95
  • Ski/Snowboard Hand Hot Wax: $19.95

For the most comprehensive service and the best value, we recommend choosing our Full Tune or Sharpen & Wax packages. We strive to complete your service quickly and accurately, so you can be confident in your gear knowing that you're ready to ride and have fun. For more details on our services or to get additional info, feel free to call us at 403-329-6099. Please note that for Ski and Board services, we will not call after completion due to the volume of equipment that we service. Based on the designated due date, you can plan to come in for pick-up on the day it is to be finished.

Winter Service Shop Pricing


Ski/Snowboard Full Tune $49.95+GST
Ski/Snowboard Tune under 130cm $34.95+GST
Ski/Snowboard Sharpen & Wax $34.95+GST
Cross-Country Ski Tune $24.95+GST
Ski Stone Grind $19.95+GST
Extra P-Tex Per Spot $5.00+GST
Extra Metal-Tex Per Spot $5.00+GST


Auto Ski/Snowboard Wax $14.95+GST
Hand Ski/Snowboard Wax $19.95+GST


System Mount/Adjustment $24.95+GST
Flat Ski Mount/Adjustment $44.95+GST
Ski Hand Mount $74.95+GST
Ski Re-Mount $46.95+GST
Snowboard Binding Mount/Adjustment $24.95+GST
Ski Binding Adjustment $9.95+GST
Snowboard Binding Adjustment $14.95+GST


Boot Heat Fit Per Pair $29.95+GST
Custom Shell Fit Per Pair $49.95+GST