Follow Signal Plus Impact Vest '23 Black

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The Follow Signal Plus Wake Vest '23 is designed to provide a lightweight, stretchy fit for wakeboarding enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or just starting out, this vest offers both safety and style. Here are the key features:

  1. Size Inclusive Design: The Signal Plus Wake Vest is an inclusive option that accommodates various body sizes. Everyone can hit the wake in safe style, thanks to its thoughtful design.

  2. Featherweight Foam: The vest features featherweight foam, which is the softest and lightest flotation material available. It contours to your body like a dream, ensuring comfort during your wakeboarding sessions.

  3. Pro Fit: The contoured pro fit ensures that the vest hugs your body without restricting movement. Zip it up and grab the rope worry-free!

  4. TrueFit Internal Liner: Follow acknowledges the importance of fabric application based on the natural curve of your torso. The TrueFit Liner adapts to your body’s ups and downs, providing consistent day-long comfort.

  5. Tonal Logo: No need to be a billboard – the tonal logo keeps things stylish and understated.

Whether you’re hitting the wake for tricks or simply enjoying the ride, the Follow Signal Plus Impact Vest '23 has you covered.