Specialized Eliminator Grid Gravity 2BR T7/T9 Tire Black

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The Specialized Eliminator Grid Gravity 2BR T7/T9 Tire is designed for aggressive trail riding and enduro adventures. Let’s dive into the details:

  • Construction: This tire features a robust 2-ply Grid Gravity casing, providing excellent cornering stability and flat protection. It’s built tough to handle demanding terrain.

  • Dual Compounds:

    • Center Tread (T7 Compound): The center knobs use a fast-rolling T7 compound, ensuring efficient pedaling and speed on hardpacked trails.
    • Shoulder Lugs (T9 Compound): The outer shoulder lugs employ the ultimate grip T9 compound, delivering confidence-inspiring traction during aggressive cornering.
  • Size Options:

    • Available in a versatile 2.3″ width, which strikes a balance between volume and maneuverability.
    • Also offered in a 2.6″ width for riders seeking additional traction and cushioning.
  • Weight:

    • Claimed weight: 1290 grams
    • Actual weight (as per our scale): 1348 grams
  • Knob Configuration:

    • The Eliminator boasts an abundance of knobs down the center, providing improved rolling speed compared to its counterpart, the Butcher.
    • The staggered and offset knob design enhances traction while maintaining a faster rolling profile.
  • On the Trail:

    • Ideal as a rear tire, the Eliminator excels in technical terrain.
    • Climbing traction is impressive, especially on dry and hardpacked surfaces.
    • While it leans toward hardpack and dry conditions, it remains versatile for various trail scenarios.

Whether you’re tackling rocky descents, rooty sections, or fast-flowing trails, the Specialized Eliminator Grid Gravity 2BR T7/T9 Tire ensures a confident ride with a blend of speed, durability, and cornering grip.